Fall vibes

Firstly i wanted to thank u so much! I just reached ~followers on my instagram and in so thrilled ! I m so much thankful for all of the supporters and friends i have on here and i hope we can continue to grow ! 
Now for the reason u probably clicked on this article; the outfit. 
Recently i shots this picture on the name of “fall vibes”. 
So as you knew that the most important thing every man needs is a good , stylish jacket from @rosegal last few days i have been enjoying my new brown leather jacket with fur all over it which i wear it with my graphical pant from @zaful and those best pieces I’m falling in love with my favorite shoes there are so many amazing winter shoes that fits perfectly into weather like that and my favorite sunglasses so far from @glassesusa.

At last but not least, All I still have to say is I hope this is light post for your hearts. Wish you to have a good weekend and If you have any  question I'll be glad to give a hand by contacting me by jabrane118@gmail.com or my instagram.
Happy shopping

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