Good morning earth! as usual after about two months to get my blog updated with a new outfit post. I tried to be active on this blog several times, but I still can't give life to it, even the clean and the high quality content I post. I keep seeing no reactions to my content by the audience and no more views that will motivate me, to get more active with my blog.

Well, I think I should be forwarding to give some words about my new outfit by craveice Since 2016 has cultivated a lifestyle streetwear clothing with inspirations of skateboarding, art, and music. 

Here i'm with this new outfit it's totally perfect of the season the weather getting warmer here so the red color is perfect and black jeans it's just stunning love it fit good with the hoodie from craveice and my favorite hat so far from ecuaandinohats  the perfect bag from hawkbag.

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