Hi you, how you doing? Actually it takes me lifetime to make new posts, because of my laziness, and my daily tasks. Anyhow, I'm sharin' with Y'all this blog fit post this outfit content some new dope items which are that black fresh hat from Ecua-Andino the new. And the blue shirts from Sammydress. Also the watch from woodgrainwatches. Well, for Bottom I'm wearing just a simple black pants which has a little bit difference design from Trendsgale I think if you are looking for a simple black one I recommend you to get this one it's in very high quality.

At last but not least, All I still have to say is I hope this is light post for your hearts. Wish you to have a good weekend and If you have any  question I'll be glad to give a hand by contacting me by or my instagram.
Happy shopping

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