Sail Away

Sometimes you just don’t get things right first time; you might make a mistake or it might not quite work out in the way you thought it would. You miss stuff, you forget to include important information or you’re just ploughing through things as quick as possible because there’s a deadline to meet.

the coat that i'm wearing is from sammydress ! coat have been given a luxe update in recent years, with both designers and high street brands and For the accessories i choosed a wacth from , sunglasses from ( read about it in my previous post by clicking here )  to complete my look ! 

Let's start with the watch  !

SGLA has sought to provide quality eyewear that inspires and empowers those like you, who desire timeless fashion at an affordable price. What started out as one's need for sunglasses, evolved into an outlet for positivity and individuality.

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