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Work mostly means stress. It is Monday and it means it is the first day of a long weekdays with work. There are stuffs invented to relieve work stress and the latest one is Hand Spinner from sammydress . I've been seeing a lot of these kind all over the social media and it really picks my interest. I should get one in the soonest possible time. If you do not have an idea on where to buy these hand spinner, you just landed on my blog post to lead you right where you should get one for yourself some unique and cute hand spinners. Below are just a few from the selection that I personally love.


I find these small stuffs very cute. The cute ship rudder is so cute I can imagine tiny small hands maneuvering it and that alone already helped my stress to go away. Oh what a thing this spinners can do, eh? The designs are just adorable. Right? And I am talking about these designs only and not about its function yet. So knowing these designed small stuff can help relieve stress when it spins, I can't blame you if you got immediately sold on this like me. 

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