The first thing to think about is size – how big does your bag need to be? Breakdown what you carry and how often you carry it. Do you lug a laptop around everyday? Think about a backpack with integrated laptop sleeve. Off to the gym? Make sure your bag can cope with your trainers and kit. But if you think objectively about other occasions where bags are essential, such as travelling, you’ll soon realise that size really does matter.

I’m always on the hunt for new travel backpacks… and I know you all are too because I receive multiple emails each week asking my opinion on the best bags. That’s why I’m going to start testing as many travel backpacks as possible. Today we have the CabinZero Backpack.

 What makes this bag special is its simple design with variety of colors to choose from. People can consider it as an outdoorsy bag with sufficient space that holds multiple items. It has four corners that allow you to carry electronics, clothing and other personal items.

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