Sand storm Of colors

  Dear readers, How was your day ?? These are actually pictures from the weekend, I will show you a new look, It's a comfy and perfect outfit for a hard work day 
The real product strong power of this outfit Exist in the combination of the 5 color in the sweat, the red one represents the blood of a warrior , the blue its sign of how my mind is clear , the green is about the peace that i search for in my live and the golden one is Represents the money and the futur that i look for ,and with the Sand background behind me this look get more sophisticated in a Philosophical way , with a new cool eyglasses black to clear your vision and a leather bracelet with braided rope its gonna be more & more perfect is just like a dream that come true everyday when u wear this outfit from Cndirect Store , its magic like the staff of Moses , You have the choice today beetween the magical Cndirect Store or the others boring store 

I was wearing:                                                                                                                          

      The Sweat-Shirt :
      The Leather Bracelet with Braided Rope :
      The Cool Glasses Eyeglasses Black :


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