The winter artist

Hello dear people again! Frist happy halloween everybody!! Actually im in love with this stylish today's look; it makes me feel so comfortable, free à speacial.
Starting with the black hats & sweat-shirt, they are both from Dealsale , the second is white , has a black 1985in the chest area, which makes us return to the fashion of this year , that's why i chose those black round shap sunglasses Form Bornprettystore to give a smart touch to the look. Then the bag From G-ride i really love it by the way, especially those gold details in the Pocket of the bag , Finally the bracelet From watchbandit it has a gold little sticky with a black Leather Gold Anchor Bracelet! This bracelet is artisan crafted out of luxurious 100 per cent genuine Italian leather, giving it an exquisite texture that will pamper your wrist and show off your distinctive taste whenever you wear it.

I prefer this look , in a sunny day of winter, as o said it makes me feel so compfortable and totally in myself , so guys comment below and let know what do you think about this look, Hope y'all like it.
Brand: DealSale 
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